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May 16, 2013 in Sjweva

We consider our primary client to be the Marketing Directors and Managers of Companies, Government Institutions, Non Government Organizations and individuals. Reliable, high quality and cost effective consulting services for various purposes. Our Services include Business Development, Brand Audits, Research & Strategy, Brand Architecture, Brand Evaluation, Brand Identity, Name Generation, Visual Communication, Written Identity, Identity Guideline, Experience, Retails Environments, Product Based Brandings, Websites and Intranets, Digital production, Customers Statements and Advertising Promotions.

We aim to work with South Africa’s leading companies with the responsibility for delivering measurable results from our Marketing Strategies and Branding through top notch Creativity. We work with them to make sustained and value driven improvements that contribute directly to their organization’s profitability. Consequently, we measure our success based on our client’s success.

The situation in South Africa is currently characterized by the facts that times are tough, investment appetites are low, industries are cutting costs, and budgets are being slashed, not withstanding the fact that in other sector investment appetite is actually very high in cases for the preparation of 2010 World cup. We however have a strategy after 2010. Fully aware of this situation, Sjweva, after completing a two year research study, has come to the conclusion that its potential clients would be interested in doing things in a smarter way, with good support of a reliable and efficient market intelligence. Sjweva believes that it can provide both solutions and value creations to its clients. Its senior executive managements and consultants have been working with some reputable South African -  based global companies for more than 3 years and have extensive knowledge of South African business environments.