What we do


Sjweva (Pty) Ltd is a service business that can help increase your exposure to your potential customer community. Hiring our company can be very beneficial to your business. You will not only have an additional objective opinion, but you’ll be employing the expertise of specialists. We experts at creating, planning and managing events, information technology and marketing related projects. We can take some of your basic ideas and business goals, and transform them into revenue generating services. Sjweva (Pty) Ltd will also help you with your overall business strategy.  So whether you need help with advertising your product or service, or the grander scheme of marketing your business, we are here for you

Sjweva (Pty) Ltd feels that it controls its own success through some basic internal factors. These are:

Selling and Marketing Power. The services the company provides are made attractive in order to maintain a certain percentage of B2B and B2C clients. Being a market intelligence services provider, business and market development consulting services provider, and business and sales representative, we demonstrates a successful approach in converting its reputation into an excellent brand to ensure the conversion of its clients’ knowledge into their intellectual property, thus creating value for its clients.

Excellence in fulfilling the promise. Clients do not buy features, they buy benefits. To realize a benefit, a claim must be made and proof presented. This company has had success on claim after claim.

Developing visibility to generate new business leads. Participation by the company in online business affiliations with reputable players of e-business technology is a necessity. Strategic relationships must also be made with companies, government institutions, regional (provincial) government offices, and NGOs, as well as with individual customers.

High-quality service and customer satisfaction.Everything the company sells is guaranteed; therefore, the services have to do what the customers want, and do it well. Long-term customer satisfaction is critical to the survival of the company.

Create multiple opportunities from a single line of expertise. Sjweva (Pty) Ltd is able to leverage from a single pool of expertise into multiple revenue generation opportunities: business development, market development, market intelligence, industrial sectors analysis, and channel development on a national scale, as well as sales assistance for companies in the unreachable part of the market.

Key management team. The right management team is integral, and must have a strong foundation in marketing, management, creativity, finance, and services development. The company is confident in its team.

External (Business Environment) Factors

The Southern African Region is now living in an interesting era: the process of change from the “old economy” to the “global new economy” brings a tremendous development growth of e-commerce, mobility of capital, and liberalization to the region. Since the new global economy brings new economics, new market structures, new industry structures, and new company structures, the profile of customers has also changed. Customers have evolved from “solution demander” to “value demander,” and from “clients” to “business partners.”

Sjweva (Pty) Ltd is proactively focused on establishing relationships with multiple digital contents, companies, government institutions, regional (provincial) government offices, NGOs, and individual customers as its prospective business partners


Sjweva (Pty) Ltd maintains the latest Windows capabilities including:  Internet facilities for working with clients directly through email delivery of drafts and information.

Facilities for preparation and delivery of multimedia presentations on any computer, in formats including on-disk, live, or video. Desktop publishing facilities for delivery of regular retainer reports, project output reports, marketing materials, and market research reports

 Competitive Edge

Sjweva (Pty) Ltd has close and effective relationships with its end-users, vendors (suppliers and sub-  contractors), and   even competitors. On several occasions, Sjweva (Pty) Ltd has plans to team-up with its end-user or supplier in a   consortium partnership to perform projects.

Sjweva (Pty) Ltd combines unparalleled quality with a cost-effective package to create a consulting   service with   many competitive advantages. The seasoned management is qualified for multiple services, such as: business   development, market development, market intelligence, industrial sectors analysis, and channel development.   We provide this range of   services to anyone from a high-level marketing firm to a home-based business owner;   clients can always count on quick, accurate services from the company.

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